Master Notes was created to bring students together with their instructors in an online learning environment that is second to none.


MasterNotes is a platform for music students to learn about their instruments and about th many facets of music from Music Masters. A library of free content is complemented by subscriber content and access to online private instruction.

How its work

For Music Instructors

Instructors Should Teach Music, We Handle Everything Else

Master Notes provides all the tools you need to run your Music Instruction business. Find out what is included!

For Students

  • Any Instrument
  • Any Age
  • Any Skill Level

If you are interested in taking courses online through Master Notes, you need to be invited by your music teacher. Please have your instructor register and set up their Virtual Classroom.

Learn 1 on 1
or in group

Why Master Notes

Masternotes is the perfect platform for music instructors all over the world. Teach students from anywhere. Included in your Master Notes Subscription:

  • 1Unlimited Lessons Each Month
  • 2Personalized Music Instruction (1 on1)
  • 3Group Lessons Available (up to 100!)
  • 4Free Zoom Account is Included
  • 5Unlimited Recordings of Lessons
  • 6Course Listings & Scheduling
  • 7Lesson Scheduling (recurring available)
  • 8We handle the billing and take $0 from your fees
  • 9Your Fees Transfer right to your checking account
  • 10Create Promos for potential new students
  • 11Email Marketing Included
  • 12Social Linking Included
  • 13Promote & Market Your Services