Online Platform for Music Teachers

Welcome to MasterNotes (Online Platform for Music Teachers)

MasterNotes is an easy-to-use music instruction platform that will allow you to expand your student base to your preferred style and schedule. Our online platform for music teachers was built specifically for you!

Our USP’s

  • Unlimited lessons each month
  • Personalized music instruction (1-on-1)
  • Group lessons available (up to 100!)
  • Free zoom account is included
  • Unlimited recordings of lessons
  • Course listings & scheduling
  • Lesson scheduling (recurring available)
  • We handle the billing and take $0 from your fees
  • Your fees transfer right to your checking account
  • Create promos for potential new students
  • Email marketing
  • Social linking
  • Promote & market your services
Customize Your Teaching Style & Schedule

Customize Your Teaching Style & Schedule

Our platform with user-friendly features is designed to help instructors create and deliver customized music training and learning experiences that meet the unique needs of a broad range of students. Expand your student base to your preferred style and schedule with MasterNotes.

Easy to Use MasterNotes Platform

MasterNotes is an easy to use music instruction platform or centralized hub that can streamline the learning and development process for all your music training content and resources. We built this online platform for music teachers specifically and to provide all the tools needed to run a music instruction business.

Easy to Use MasterNotes Platform
Get More Music Instruction Bookings

Get More Music Instruction Bookings

MasterNotes allows music instructors unlimited recordings of lessons. Additionally, instructors can get more music students with email marketing, social linking and customized promos. Learn more about all the features that will help you get more music instruction bookings through our platform.


MasterNotes is one of the best online music teaching platforms because it unites students and instructors in an unparalleled online learning environment. With features like unlimited lessons, personalized instruction, easy billing, student progress tracking, custom learning paths, and extensive marketing tools. We facilitate an ideal space for music education, for both instructors and students.

To get more music students online with MasterNotes, you can utilize our promotional tools designed. First, create enticing promos to attract potential students and list your course offerings. You can also benefit from our email marketing features to reach out to a broader audience. Use the social linking feature to connect with prospective students on social media platforms because expanding your student base has never been easier.

Simple ways to teach music include starting with the basics such as understanding rhythm, pitch, and reading music. Engage students by incorporating games that teach musical concepts – MasterNotes has an included gamification feature. Tailor lessons to each student’s interests and abilities to keep them motivated and excited about learning. We also help you in creating custom learning paths for your students.

MasterNotes is an online platform for music teachers, allowing instructors from all over the globe to connect with students. We offer personalized 1-on-1 instruction and the ability to host group lessons with up to 100 participants. The platform supports various instructional needs through features like lesson scheduling, email marketing, and social linking. Importantly, a free Zoom account is included for all interactive lessons.