Develop Custom Learning Paths

Create, upload, and categorize the correct sequence or learning structure to contain multiple courses or activities within the MasterNotes Learning Platform.  For example, intermediate quizzes, videos, presentations, and assignments allow the instructor to correctly set and assess the learners’ completion of required activities or courses.  You can create a customized curriculum, identify individual learning paths, set dates for completion, and apply path and award credits if desired.

What is a Learning Path?

A learning path is a sequence or structure that contains multiple courses and activities. The learning paths could include prerequisites, completion of required courses, videos, presentations, assignments, and text. There are no limits to the number of learning assets you can upload and categorize with MasterNotes to influence and motivate the learner’s completion of activities or courses.


In a learning path, you don’t require only mandatory activities; you can also have various optional courses, such as presentations, videos, and PDFs, where learners can receive in-depth knowledge if they have the time.

The Significance of the Learning Path

When developing a music education program, ensuring that students complete all the required lessons and exercises to get a particular understanding or build a set of skills becomes crucial. Therefore, developing the appropriate learning paths to guide your students and manage their completion of the training activities/modules in the order you design brings significant value to the music lesson delivery. 

Improve Training Methods

In the educational space, it’s trendy to urge students to advance. Various reports show that directing students to a personalized learning route increases effectiveness and detail. You may oversee your instruction program’s performance statistics, quiz scores, and areas where the student must work harder to achieve learning goals. It’s easy to develop a program to boost participation and improve training with the MasterNotes Learning Platform.

MasterNotes Key Learning Platform Features