Multi Language Capabilities

Generate and translate learning materials to different languages included at no cost with just one click. MasterNotes multilingual learning management system helps train students in their preferred language making learning more accessible and engaging, ensuring everyone understands the material.

A great learning system should adapt to the user’s requirements, including language, offering an e-learning experience without limits providing a feeling of security, accessibility, and a personalized experience. 


The multilingual MasterNotes platform gives the instructors the complete solution to reaching students in different languages to achieve multilingual learning objectives. The instructor can simply develop the lesson for their content in various languages and then utilize MasterNotes multilanguage features to communicate interactions, notifications, as well as the location, date & time settings individualized for the student. Currently, the MasterNotes learning platform is in English, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese with plans to expand to over 120 languages as demand dictates.

Having a multilingual LMS doesn’t affect the performance or features of the platform and offers a lot of options and integrations that would make your eLearning teaching experience complete and unforgettable.


Some of the most representative multilingual LMS features:

MasterNotes Key Learning Platform Features