Evaluate Individual Competencies

With competency-based learning built into the MasterNotes system, creating lessons based on specific competencies that adapt to your student needs are manageable and straightforward.  You can create assessment, grading, and learning plan frameworks requiring the demonstration of abilities specific to the courses you develop and assign.


Competencies are a system of assessment and grading where the students demonstrate specific abilities required for their progress. They are a set of skills to be developed to acquire knowledge towards accomplishment.

Why Competency-Based MasterNotes LMS is Effective for Student Learning

With a Competency-Based Learning Management system, you can easily create eLearning programs based on specific competencies that really adapt to your student’s needs. You can create competencies frameworks, learning plans and assign the competencies you want to the courses that require them.


Competency-based learning has become very popular in the educational field to measure a student’s performance through a system of assessment and grading whereby students demonstrate specific skills required for progression. This feature is designed to increase learning and foster growth.

How Does Competency Based MasterNotes LMS Facilitate Student Training

Learning Management Systems (LMS) have transformed the way we learn. LMS for training gives instructors and learners a clear view of the process. Competency programs track changes, issue certificates, and create frameworks and plans. You can measure learning success and participation with competency based LMS and learning plans.

It Empowers Self-Paced Learning

When people have control over the pace of their learning, they are more likely to become skilled in a particular area. With a competency based eLearning system, instructors create courses, and students can choose their learning speed.

It Helps to Create Collaborative Work

Collaboration is crucial for the success of learning, and music instructors recognize its significance. A competency based LMS facilitates collaboration by offering tools like customized schedules, alerts, and social learning features. These features foster a culture of collaboration within the learning process.

Helps Build a Knowledge-Sharing Experience

Successful instructors foster knowledge-sharing among students. A Learning Management System such as MasterNotes facilitates this through available features like social media, video conferencing, and real-time chat. It empowers every student to contribute their valuable experience and knowledge, creating a culture of collaboration and continuous learning.

It Provides Learners with Personalized Learning Paths

Instructors can adopt an eLearning system with learning paths to simplify the learning process. Learning paths allow instructors to create a personalized order of courses and materials needed to ensure students meet the required competencies efficiently.

MasterNotes Key Learning Platform Features