Blended Learning Options

Blended learning utilizes online training materials in the form of videos or webinars mixed with assignment completion tasks thereby giving learners the ability to learn when it’s convenient for them.  With MasterNotes, instructors can make the most of online learning time by introducing a lesson and assigning certain sections for learners to complete independently using online resources. It saves time and allows instructors to address questions and assess learners’ understanding, promoting equal conversation and empowering learners to take ownership of their learning.

Empower Learners to Fill Knowledge Gaps for Success

Blended learning ensures equal knowledge levels among learners, which is a significant advantage. In a traditional classroom, learners may have different levels of understanding. However, with online resources, learners can enhance their classroom experience, bridge knowledge gaps, and align with their peers. By providing advance notice of training sessions, learners can prepare by addressing their knowledge gaps and derive maximum benefit from the training.

Deliver Cost-Effective Training That Saves Time & Money

Online teaching offers significant cost savings by reducing travel, lodging, and logistical expenses associated with traditional classroom training. Research estimates that nearly 40% of classroom training costs go towards these expenses. Additionally, online training eliminates the time lost in travel, leading to increased productivity. By providing learning materials that are accessible online and offline, instructors ensure students have the information they need when they need it the most. This efficient and accessible approach to training optimizes cost-effectiveness for instructors and gives students convenient access to valuable resources.

Offer Personalized Learning Pathways with Human Engagement

Blended learning allows users to learn quickly in their preferred environment. It combines the convenience of self-paced online learning with the essential element of human interaction. With access to subject experts, learners can not only clarify their doubts but also receive encouragement and support when they feel unsure or insecure about their progress. This combination of technology and personal interaction creates a supportive learning experience that promotes confidence and helps learners succeed.


Blended learning models rely on a mix of online training and assignments, which enables learners to learn when it suits them, giving them more control over their learning and development.

MasterNotes Key Learning Platform Features