Integrate Social Learning

The MasterNotes music learning platform allows the instructor to implement an open forum learning style keeping lessons entertaining so all parts of the learning process can be obtained almost naturally. Adoption, retention, productivity, and sustainability become easier with social learning.

What is Social Learning?

Interactivity is a hot topic in education and learning platforms today. It is team spirit and interactivity that eventually creates quality practices in online education. You want your learners to engage and complete their e-learning courses. The trick is to make the courses as attractive as possible so that no one gets bored. One way you can make this happen is by implementing a Social Learning Platform with MasterNotes. But…what is social learning?
Social learning involves learning through observation of other people’s attitudes, views, behaviors, and outcomes of those behaviors. The learner then imitates those behaviors or attitudes and then models them. What your students observe through social media, or any interactive platform is then later used as a guide to build their ideas about how to acquire new behaviors

How MasterNotes LMS Provides Social Learning

Put simply, social learning is equivalent to the summative of students’ engagement and their interaction with each other. Here is where MasterNotes effectively comes in. With our Learning Management System, your social learning concerns are perfectly sorted. The system provides your learners with engagement through gamification and interaction through collaboration tools.

Our gamification feature involves a variety of actual games that create strong engagement among learners; examples are Snakes & Ladders, Crossword puzzles and Sudoku.

MasterNotes Leaderboard involves a scoring system where students engage in competitions and get awarded certain accomplishments as a way of acknowledging effort applied.

Badges can be awarded for achievements in the system and then may be shared on social media or within the systems interactive board.

Collaboration is provided by MasterNotes LMS by various tools that include a social wall, an interactive portfolio that bears resemblance to that of Facebook.

Web conference rooms and forums are also provided for online interaction and exchange of ideas among MasterNotes learners.

Benefits of Social Learning

  • Natural Way to Learning
  • Higher Learning Retention
  • Productivity and Sustainability
  • Student Retention
  • Capture Organizational Knowledge
  • Problem Solving in Real Time
  • Problem Solving in Real Time
  • Shorter Learning Time
  • Better Productivity and Skills

MasterNotes Key Learning Platform Features