Gamification and Learner Engagement

Gamification within the MasterNotes Learning Platform is where learning meets entertainment! Applying game dynamics to your training with badges, points, leaderboards, crossword puzzles, and other challenges creates an immersive and interactive environment that motivates learners to stay on track and achieve their goals.  Instructors can leverage these gamification features on MasterNotes learning platform to create a fun environment which is known to help the learner remember what they’ve learned and less likely to abandon their training.

Customized Dashboards in Gamified Learning Platform

MasterNotes LMS offers customized dashboards for users to have a convenient and individualized experience measuring progress through gamification. We understand that gamification can truly enhance the learning experience for learners as a complement to traditional instructor-led training.

Points System – Based Gamified Learning Management System

The points system for gamification in MasterNotes LMS can be adapted to give more points to certain behaviors or activities. The points system is tailored to your teaching objectives and contributes to the leaderboard. 

Badges – Based Gamified Learning Management System

Badges provide a goal for learners and let them know what can be achieved within the MasterNotes LMS.  Instructors can choose their own design and what they want to assign badges to – for example completing a course or a set of games. These badges act as a source of pride and motivation for learners and can be shared through social tools to increase competition.

Leaderboards and Progress Tracking-Based Gamification LMS

Leaderboards are a visual way for learners and instructors to track progress across various games, challenges, and activities. They allow learners to check their performance against others, fostering competition and pushing them to work harder.

Social learning-Based Gamified Learning Activity

Gamification integrates with MasterNotes social tools so that learners can share their achievements, such as badges and leaderboard ranking. They can also start discussions, work together on joint challenges, and send private messages.

MasterNotes Key Learning Platform Features