Amplify Your Reach: Top 10 Online Music Teaching Platforms

Teaching music online has become a way to reach students across the globe. Whether you specialize in classical piano, electric guitar, or vocal techniques, there’s a platform out there to help you connect with eager learners. This guide covers the top 10 online music teaching platforms. Review them all and see how they will help you amplify your reach and impact as a music instructor.

TakeLessons – A Versatile Teaching Partner

TakeLessons is a dynamic platform for music educators, offering an array of teaching opportunities across different instruments and musical styles. From guitar strumming techniques to the fine nuances of violin play, this platform embraces a wide spectrum of musical disciplines. It accommodates both online sessions and local in-person lessons, enabling instructors to tailor their teaching approach to suit individual student needs. 

The simplicity of the sign-up process, coupled with marketing tools, positions TakeLessons as a good choice for music teachers seeking to expand their student base. 

Lessonface – Connecting Students with Highly Qualified Instructors

Lessonface has a rigorous selection process to ensure only the most skilled and experienced instructors teach on the platform. With this dedication to excellence, it provides musical disciplines from classical to contemporary. And its interface is designed to be intuitive, making it easy for both teachers and students to navigate. 

It offers group classes and the convenience of scheduling recurring sessions, while fostering a supportive community atmosphere. This platform is the choice for instructors who value professionalism.

MasterNotes: A Personalized Learning Experience

MasterNotes distinguishes itself in the field of online music education by prioritizing personalized learning paths for each student. Understanding that no two students learn alike, this platform empowers music teachers to craft lesson plans that cater directly to the learning pace, interests, and goals of their students. 

Leveraging advanced analytics, MasterNotes provides insights into student progress, enabling you to adjust your teaching strategies in real-time for optimized learning outcomes. Additionally, the platform encourages interactive feedback, ensuring students not only receive tailored instruction but also constructive, personalized critiques that foster growth and confidence in their musical journey. 

To save you time, MasterNotes gives you the ability to pre-record an unlimited amount of lessons. The platform also streamlines administrative tasks such as scheduling and payment processing, allowing you to devote more time to what you love most—teaching music. 

Tonara – Revolutionizing Music Education with Technology

Tonara integrates cutting-edge technology into music education, transforming traditional lessons into an interactive and engaging journey. This platform engages students by turning practice into a rewarding game, with achievements, progress milestones, and personalized challenges. They offer a comprehensive instructor toolkit that includes assignment distribution, real-time practice tracking, and seamless communication channels, making lesson management easy. 

Musico – Tailored Solutions for Music Teachers

Musico is for instructors seeking a platform that caters specifically to the nuances of music teaching. Recognizing the diversity in teaching methods and student learning styles, Musico offers customizable tools that help instructors craft their curriculum, exercises, and lesson materials. It aims to simplify the creation and management of lesson plans, and facilitate assessment and tracking of student progress. Additionally, the platform enhances the teaching experience by enabling easy communication between educators and learners. 

Soundfly: Customized Learning Paths for Aspiring Musicians

With a wide range of courses spanning various genres and skill levels, Soundfly helps learners chart their own course. What makes this platform different is its mentorship program, where students are paired with professionals for one-on-one guidance. Learners benefit from dedicated support as they go through the custom-designed courses and projects. The platform also includes songwriting and music production. Soundfly is ideal for a structured, yet flexible, approach to music education.


Playground Sessions – Co-Created by Music Legend Quincy Jones

Playground Sessions harnesses the innovative vision of Quincy Jones, offering a piano learning experience that is both interactive and engaging. This platform is renowned for its use of advanced technology, which provides learners with real-time feedback on their performance. 

The curriculum is designed to be for pianists at every level of proficiency, from complete beginners to more advanced players. Playground Sessions motivates students to practice and improve by playing music they love.

Forbes Music Company – More Than Just a Platform

Forbes Music Company distinguishes itself in the realm of online music teaching platforms by providing an all-encompassing ecosystem to alleviate the administrative burden on music educators. Offering a suite of online music teacher support tools, this platform assists with your critical yet time-consuming tasks such as marketing, scheduling, and handling payments. This approach allows you to concentrate your energy and creativity on crafting engaging lessons and fostering the musical growth of your students. 

ArtistWorks: Mastering Instruments With Video Exchanges

ArtistWorks focus is embracing a video exchange learning model. This approach allows for a personalized connection between instructors and students. Learners can send videos of their performances directly to their teachers, who in return provide feedback. This method draws closer parallels to the intimacy and effectiveness of face-to-face lessons. 

Yousician: Making Learning Fun With Interactive Technology

Yousician transforms the music education experience into an interactive adventure. It provides instant feedback as students play, so learners of any skill level stay on the right track. Covering a wide range of instruments such as guitar, piano, bass, and ukulele, in addition to voice, the platform is for a broad audience. Through its gamified learning environment, Yousician keeps users motivated, transforming practice from a chore into a fun activity.


Time To Get Started

Now that you have your starting point, this guide to the top 10 online music teaching platforms, you can start building your music instruction business. Each platform has its own nuances and benefits, and many have a free trial period so you can compare them, see which works best for you, then decide. They will all help you amplify your reach and impact as a music instructor.



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